CBSE date sheet 2023

Yesterday CBSE board released the timetable for the next annual examination.

Every single exam date has been determined according to competitive exams like JEE and nearly 40,000 subjects. This is so that the same subject doesn't fall on the same date.

First wave of exams for class X & XII will start from mid-February 2023.

Each student will be required to arrive at the entrance 1 hour prior to exam time. The exam will begin at exactly 10:30AM.

High-level subjects like advanced mathematics and foreign languages like Spanish and French will have an additional 1 hour of extra time.

Question sheets will be provided 15 minutes prior to exam time at 11:15 and answer sheets will be provided at the exact time of 11:30AM.

Exams will conclude at 12:30PM for regular subjects and 1:30PM for special subjects.

2023 CBSE exams will end on April 5th for all subjects.